About Me?

Hey there!

Hi, I'm Andy - online blogger, engineer, and a student of life. 

I'm currently an engineer working in the Silicon Valley. No, not software like most folks here. I'm mostly a structural analyst. Pretty much my job is to make sure things don't break.

A Bit More About Myself 

You might ask, "Who is this person?" and "What makes this person qualified to write the content on here?". My response is the following, I'm not an expert, a guru, or a wise old asian man with years of wisdom. I also suck at writing, which is why I chose engineering.

I'm just a young adult slowly figuring out life. My goal is to document what I personally found useful. Topics can be centered around anything. If my words don't help you, that's cool with me too. 

What ChuOnLife's About

Here in ChuOnLife, you'll find content that relates to young ambitious adults. It's about figuring out how to manage both your personal and professional desires in life. Look, I don't have all the answers, but I'm willing to give it my best shot.

What You'll Learn 

I'm not interested in trying to sound smart or fancy. I really dislike it when articles are all talk, but it feels like you didn't learn anything. 

Since I'm a mix of an engineer and life student, you'll find articles like:

  • Learning how to become an effective engineer
  • Being an adult, learning how to manage your personal finances
  • Tips and strategies on not being overwhelmed
  • Whatever is honestly on my mind